The far infrared rays exist since the beginning of time and are a vital source for the development of plants and of all living matter.

In Japan, there was traditionally a form of therapy to eliminate toxins: the Suna Ryoho. For several centuries, in the summer, the Japanese would bury themselves in the hot sand near the hot springs on the beach to eliminate toxins from their body. 

One session of Iyashi Dôme produces the same amount of sweat as walking at least 20 km, but without the negative effects: excessive endorphin production, active oxygen, the development of fatty acids, cardiac risks, premature use of the body. The perspiration is so profound that it removes even heavy metals from the body.

This revolutionary technology makes it possible to purify, regenerate and get slimmer by balancing the body, making this treatment highly appreciated even by athletes.

Iyashi Dôme ensures a loss of up to 600 kilocalories for every half hour session (even more in some cases). Moreover, the heat penetrates up till 40 mm under the skin, which is purified in-depth and cleared.

1 session / 40 min.:  210 Lei
5 sessions
(max. 1 session / 48 hours) x 40 min.: 850 Lei
10 sessions
(max. 1 session /48 hours) x 40 min.: 1500 Lei