It is so beautiful the act of giving, but we are not always inspired in choosing the right gift. If you want to bring a smile on the lips of a loved one, what can be better than to bring her/him into the world of IAKI Spa to create some unforgettable experiences, 


• 50-minute volcanic stones relaxation massage and 2 hours spa access                                                                                                               159 lei

• Epsom salts and essential oils bath, relaxing scalp massage, 100% natural henna tanning and facial hydration massage - 85 minutes                                                                                                                239 lei

• 1 session IYASHI DÔME * relaxing massage - 90 minutes

Iyashi Dome - revolutionary technology that makes purification, detoxification and weight loss possible by balancing the body from within.                                                                                                                 245 lei